Cartoons from Baghdad, Khudair Al-Hamiri

Khudair Al-Hamiri is a cartoonist from Baghdad. He used to draw cartoons for a major news papers in the city since the eighties (as far as I can remember). He has a very vivid sense of hummer that is mixed with a dark twist. He is still posting cartoons for one of the many news papers in Baghdad till the moment of writing this post and I am glad he is doing so.
I will post some of his drawings and translate their comments.He is criticizing the current situation of Baghdad with the contributing parties to its chaos.

Upper Image:
Upper part: "Old Strategy"
Lower part: "New strategy"

Upper Image: The comment on the box of the speaker: "Sectarian speech"

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  1. # Blogger Nawar

    congratulation .. Nice blog !  

  2. # Blogger lamusediffuse

    This is only in Spanish, but is a very interesting and serious series of lectures called "Contemporary Arab Representations: The Iraqi Equation."


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