Imperial Life in the Emerald City

This is a book I am reading now. It was written by Rajiv Chandrasekaran who was/is a managing editor in the Washington Post. He served the post in Baghdad, Cairo, South Asia and Afghanistan.
The book is amusing and interesting to read though it is about real events happened and still happening in the Green Zone in Baghdad. The Green Zone is the "bubble", as the book would like to call it, where the American Army and Civil post war administration have placed themselves isolated from the dangerous daily life of the common citizen of Baghdad and Iraq. By doing so, they also isolated themselves from the reality of a city in distress.

The book shows the neglectfulness acts that caused Iraq too much. It shows fatal mistakes that caused many of the problems which came after.

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  1. # Blogger lamusediffuse

    Very nice reference and interesting point of view the author's one. At some point the green zone seems like people occupying a place but without touching it, so it is kind of virtual. Maybe this kind of things should be better done in Second Life, so this actions will not involve into risk real life.  

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